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steve johnson
Mar 10 2015
Was up sledding this past season and the new Sidnaw Station is fantastic. Great food, drink, right on trail. Gas available great place

Paul and Theresa
Mar 05 2016
Just went through on a couple of SkiDoo's and great to see the NEW Sidnaw Station with Gas and Food and Drinks right on the snowmobile trail!

Sidnaw is now more than a place you pass on the trail - it is a destination!

Looking forward to stopping back in summer in the airplane at 6Y9 Prickett Grooms.

Austin Douglas Hammond
Jun 08 2019
Hey, I'm a expatriate Yooper bound and living in southeastern Wisconsin, I
have quite often been fascinated with the Keweenaw since I left at the age
of 10 and have frequently seen Sidnaw on maps of the region. I'll be sure
to visit one day, but I am writing this comment to ask if you could point
me in the right direction for sources about local community history. Kiitos
in advance and have a good day

john n from indiana
Dec 02 2020
just now watched 'reindeer games' with ben affleck who was this prisoner
that got caught up in a criminal plot to rob a casino, his character
always talkin about sidnaw michigan, thought it was a made up hollywood
town so i looked on line and here it is, a real sidnaw michigan

Tyler Wagenmaker
Mar 20 2021
Sidnaw got a 'Shout out!' during one of the Michigan Historical Society
conference break-out sessions today. The talk was about German POWs in
Michigan during WW2 and Sidnaw had a camp as well as the remnants of
the old wooden 'watch tower' to keep an eye on the POWs. Great to hear
of these little tidbits of Michigan history and a place like Sidnaw!

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